Relocatable Equipment Buildings (REB)

RSP has supplied Network Rail and London Underground with fully assembled relocatable equipment buildings and location cases. RSP design and manufactured rail REB’s to the customers specifications or standard size.

Relocatable Equipment Buildings REB’s

RSP’s high-quality fully fitted Relocatable Equipment Buildings (REBS), also know as Signalling Equipment Rooms, have been used across Network Rail and London Underground.  We can design and manufactured rail REB’s to the customer’s specific requirements to provide the complete solution for your rail power and signalling equipment project.

Relocatable Equipment Buildings Range

Relocatable Equipment Buildings (REBs) (Signalling Equipment Rooms) are moveable buildings designed to house railway signalling, power systems, switchgear and UPS trackside. 

RSP’s wide range of rail REBs solutions for the rail industry are based on the Network Rails standard Type 1-9 sizing and utilise BRSM440 Signalling Equipment Racking to mount the internal equipment. Where possible the buildings domestic equipment is standardised to ensure continuity throughout a project.

RSP have worked with various clients to provide REB combination buildings that utilise the building to house both PSP and signalling equipment, saving both time and space compared to the conventional method of having two separate enclosures.

All rail signalling equipment and power cabling can be fitted on site at our manufacturing site in Saltash Cornwall by our in-house team and tested before being delivered to site, this can reduce installation time trackside.

Built to Specification REB’s

RSP’s experienced in-house team of IRSE licensed designers can create bespoke 3D designs. From concept and principle designs through to AFC manufacturing wiring diagrams.

Our design team will ensure both BR1615 D and any client issued specifications are adhered to throughout the design process, from initial building design and layout through to the placement and connection of each individual product housed within it.

In-house Manufacturing and Testing

Our manufacturing and test staff have a wealth of experience in this field and hold IRSE licences appropriate to their role.  Our standardised layout ‘first fit’ philosophy can lead to a shortened delivery program and cost savings.

All REBs can be supplied full 3A and/or BS EN61439 tested in the factory, where we can provide the option of accommodating Factory Functional testing

 Key Product Benefits

  • Built to either your own design or allow us to produce detailed design using our unique RSP standardised approach to provide; greater consistency, improved lead times and cost savings
  • Available in a range of RAL colours including standard Green and Grey railway options
  • Configured to suit relay and computer-based interlocking equipment or to deliver a full Digital Railway ready solution
  • Full range of options available including: 
      • additional internal walls
      • removable sidewalls
      • floor re-enforcemen0
      • bespoke lighting arrangements
      • forced air ventilation or air conditioning as required
      • intruder and fire alarms
  • All REBs can be supplied full 3A and / or BS EN61439 tested in the factory and we can provide the option of accommodating Factory Functional testing

Product Support

With a minimum life expectancy of 35 years, each of our products come with the reassurance that an experienced technical team is on hand for support.


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