Signal Aspect Flashing Relay (SAFR)

The RSP’s Signal Aspect Flashing Relay (SAFR) is the only Network Rail approved product suitable for replacing a Flashing Aspect Control Unit (FACU).  A type approved unit based on BR930 relay ‘plug -in’ technology suitable for use with both incandescent and LED signals, as outlined under Acceptance of Signalling Equipment NR/SP/SIG/1007 Issue 2.

RSP’s Signal Aspect Flashing Relays (SAFR) are the only Network Rail Accepted Product to replace the old Flashing Aspect Control Unit (FACU).

RSP’s Signal Aspect Flashing Relays Key Features:

  • Railway Cat No. 086/009191
  • RSP Part No. DLL05246
  • Compliant to NR/SP/SIG/100
  • Compatible with both incandescent and LED Signals
  • Quick and easy installation with base and unit designed and built to fit into
    standard BR930 relay slot
  • Adaptor plate available to allow quick and easy replacement of an old
    FACU module
  • Supplied fully certified and factory tested for improved reliability.