Location Cases &
Cabinets (LOCs)

RSP is at the forefront of engineering and offers a full range of Network Rail approved location cases and railway trackside cabinets. All internal layouts for the location cases can be tailored to suit any design requirements. 

RSP has supplied Network Rail and London Underground with fully assembled location cases (Rail LOC’s) and Relocatable Equipment Buildings (REB’s) and has an established reputation for supplying quality performance rail signalling products. See Signalling Equipment Racks

Rail LOC’s and railway location cabinets (LOC cabinets) provide secure housing for rail signalling equipment, switchgear, communications networking and E&P equipment. 

We are a registered supplier of the RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme), and for quality management processes operate to ISO 9001 standards.

Location Case Product Range

What are rail location cases made from?

RSP’s signalling location case range includes mild steel, stainless steel, painted steel and GRP composite equipment cases. 

What sizes or dimensions do location cases LOC’s come in?

Signalling equipment can be housed within traditional full-width rail location cabinets, half-width LOC cases, as well as tunnel cases for use in subsurface routes, tunnels and London Underground locations. 

The railway LOC can be supplied alone, or fitted out with bespoke internal equipment racking tailored to suit every individual application. All location cases are fitted with BRS-SM 440 bar work to offer SSI, Relay, HVI, and Power installations.

  • Full width location case Dimensions; W=1022mm x H=1861mm x D=558mm. Max Weight = 400kg
  • Half-Width location case Dimensions; W=588mm x H = 1861mm x D=558mm. Max Weight = 200kg

Signalling Location Cases in Stock with RSP

RSP stocks empty location cases that can be used for signalling or power assets. We can reduce your project lead times and costs for Location Cases! Or we can fit internal layouts to suit any design requirements. RSP’s signalling location case range includes mild steel, stainless steel, and painted steel cases.

How are location cases delivered to site?

We can arrange delivery of any size rail location case to anywhere in the country. We can even arrange cranes to lift rail LOCs over tracks or hedges and placed in situ. 

What is the lead time to build a Railway LOC?

RSP can offer empty location cases from stock or we can build and deliver a fully equipped railway LOC on a reduced lead time, depending on design and material availability. 

RSP stock empty Location Cases LOCs, for signalling or power assets. Reducing your project lead times and costs for Location Cases! Or we can fit internal layouts to suit any design requirements. 

RSP’s signalling location case range includes mild steel, stainless steel, painted steel 

Bespoke Location Case Design 

RSP’s experienced in-house team of IRSE licenced designers offer a bespoke package of trackside LOCs designs. We work with your requirement, from concept to the principle designs through to AFC manufacturing wiring diagrams. RSP can undertake the product design for a wide range of rail LOC (railway cabinet) projects utilising our wealth of knowledge gained through many years of industry experience.

Location Case Manufacture & Testing 

Where are the rail LOC’s built?

Rail Signalling and Power’s Rail LOC’s are populated in-house at our manufacturing facilities in Saltash Cornwall, by our experienced IRSE licenced in-house team. Our team conducts 3c testing which identifies any latent interface issues, these issues are resolved in the factory early in the project life cycle, reducing the risk of delays to the project. The benefits of this testing have been appreciated by our clients and have significantly reduced costs.

Our standardised location case layout “first-fit” philosophy leads to a shortened delivery programme and cost savings. Our location cases feature market-proven Network Rail standard components and can feature our own market-leading Functional Supply Point (FSP) power enclosures. 

Rail Location Case Key Benefits

  • Bespoke design services by our experienced IRSE licenced in-house team
  • Improved lead times and cost saving solutions
  • Configured to suit relay and computer-based interlocking equipment
  • Full Digital Railway ready solution
  • All cases can be supplied full 3A tested in the factory
  • Lifting brackets for lifting plus ease of installation 
  • 3 point locking mechanism with L handle 
  • Adjustable Unistrut racking 
  • Double-door on both sides of cabinet for easy access to equipment 
  • Passive ventilation system 
  • Large cable entry access
  • Specialised door stay brackets/hooks 
  • Fully earthed Hinged, lift off doors
  • Available in half of full width 
  • Available in galvanised steel, powder coated or stainless steel finish

Product Support

Every rail location case come with a life expectancy of 40 years minimum. Each case comes with the reassurance that an experienced technical team is on hand to support if required.

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