Signal Aspect Flashing Relay (SAFR)

The RSP’s Signal Aspect Flashing Relay (SAFR) is the only Network Rail approved product suitable for replacing a Flashing Aspect Control Unit (FACU).  A type approved unit based on BR930 relay ‘plug -in’ technology suitable for use with both incandescent and LED signals, as outlined under Acceptance of Signalling Equipment NR/SP/SIG/1007 Issue 2.

Signal Aspect Flashing Relay - SAFR

RSP’s Signal Aspect Flashing Relays (SAFR) are the only Network Rail Accepted Product to replace the old Flashing Aspect Control Unit (FACU).

RSP’s Signal Aspect Flashing Relays Key Features:

  • Railway Cat No. 086/009191
  • RSP Part No. DLL05246
  • Compliant to NR/SP/SIG/100
  • Compatible with both incandescent and LED Signals
  • Quick and easy installation with base and unit designed and built to fit into
    standard BR930 relay slot
  • Adaptor plate available to allow quick and easy replacement of an old
    FACU module
  • Supplied fully certified and factory tested for improved reliability.

Contact RSP to find out how we can provide your business with a cost-effective solution for your Signal Aspect Flashing Relay requirements.

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