We have a team of IRSE licensed signalling engineers and mechanical engineers with a wealth of knowledge and experience on both Mainline and Mass Transit rail solutions – across overseas and UK markets. Our specialised services cover those activities undertaken in Signalling and Electrification & Plant work packages from GRIP 3 through to GRIP 8. We are also experienced in undertaking CRE and CEM roles as required.

Our engineering design services are delivered from our modern UK design office. We have proven experience across a range of safety critical sectors and clients. Our engineering designers are focussed on providing a service to deliver innovative design solution to both electrical and mechanical engineering problems and work in accordance with CDM regulations and ISO 9001.

We lead the way with 2D & 3D electrical and mechanical design service, using Microstation and Solidworks, to produce comprehensive wiring diagrams and 3D modelling to EU standards or client specific symbology.

As well as standard GRIP 3-8 Signalling and E&P design works our multidiscipline staff are also available to undertake large and small distinct work packages including:


-Stage works and Enabling designs

-Design Modifications

-Correlation Updates

-Final Record updates and returns to NRG

-Product development

-Power / Volt drop and Heating calculations


With our client focussed flexible approach we are happy to offer all staff either as part of a main project contract or simply charged on an hourly basis under a professional services agreement.


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