Signal Aspect Flashing Relay (SAFR)

The RSP Signal Aspect Flashing Relay (SAFR) is a type approved unit based on BR930 relay ‘plug -in’ technology suitable for use with both incandescent and LED signals, as outlined under Acceptance of Signalling Equipment NR/SP/SIG/1007 Issue 2.

Signal Aspect Flashing Relay (SAFR)



Type 1:

Compatible with BR829 plug boards utilising a BR930 style case, suitable for new installations.

Type 2:

By utilising an RSP adaptor plate, the SAFR unit can be enabled to be backward compatible with old BR Spec BR991 Flashing Aspect Control Units (FACU).


The SAFR design enables operational compatibility with incandescent and LED signals.


SAFRs are continually checked and tested throughout the various construction stages.  The final test, prior to despatch, is a prolonged soak test using the SAFR test rig facility.  This subjects the SAFR units to all the operational requirements needed for trackside operation.


Developed using BR930 relay type ‘plug-in’ technology, can be used within new works projects as a direct fit to a standard relay base. Where there is a requirement to replace existing BR991 sized units ‘like-for-like’, this is simply performed by the installation of the MaGBlu SAFR Adaptor Plate which mimics the existing wiring arrangements and provides the new BR930 base for the MaGBlu unit.


All SAFRs come with a standard 12 month warranty and certification.  

RSP have an experienced team that provides ongoing support throughout the life of the SAFR units.


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