Magshields & SIN119


RSP provide a full range of Magshields for; 2BA terminals, fuse holders and transformer/rectifiers. These simple and effective products provide a safe barrier to comply with the NR Signalling Design handbook NR/L2/SIG/11201 – Mod B3 and can be supplied as standalone products or as part of a SIN119 kit.


SIN119 is the survey of signalling functional supply points sites to identify sites that require additional electrical safety provisions. This may include upgrading the 650V power to Class II. RSP’s range of products cover all installation requirements - from a legacy changeover of a single piece of switchgear to a fully populated annex mounted externally to a location case.

Magshields & SIN119



RSP produce a range of products for class II installations which are designed specifically for SIN119 solutions to replace legacy installations. The range conforms to NR/L2/SIGELP/27409 Issue 2.

The FSP04 range is designed specifically for SIN119 solutions to replace legacy installations. Supporting this is the range of TC04 Terminal Chambers which can be used for cable termination to support the whole FSP range.

In additional to this, the annex range offers a non-intrusive solution for mounting class II switchgear externally to the side of a legacy location case.

The Magshield range of approved products are all build and tested in accordance with NR/L2/SIG/11201 Mod B3 and provide a safe and cost effective solution. All our Magshield products have been developed to provide the flexibility of non-intrusive installation and come complete with all fixings and red dome nuts where required.


RSP provides bespoke designs for each installation and conform to the signalling design handbook. These designs will be produced from client issued schematics and are individual to each contract.




All our products are built in house. Our manufacturing and test staff have a wealth of experience in this field and also hold IRSE licences appropriate to their role. This gives our clients peace of mind that we will deliver a high standard of workmanship and quality which is then verified by our in house testing team, who carry out full 3c testing of each product.


The RSP range offers a number of unique advantages to the industry and our customers.

Feeder cables up to 120mm2 in both copper and aluminium can also be installed easily, using our sliding gland plates available in both switchgear and annex ranges.

RSP also provide a Kitting service as a value added service to all clients. This service has proven to offer efficiencies throughout installations increasing project productivity and reducing on site activities which improves the welfare of on site staff.


All products come with a standard 12 month warranty with an option to extend if required and a minimum 35 year life expectancy.RSP has an experienced team on hand to provide ongoing support pre, during and after sales.


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