SE-SK MIL spec plug couplers

Reduced installation time, improved reliability and improved project safety are just some of the benefits SE-SK plug couplers offer the industry. RSP are approved suppliers of the full NR range of both plug and receptacles, capable of offering plug couplers as part of an integrated solution within a wider product supply or to supply as individual components for one off installations or maintenance spares.

SE-SK MIL spec plug couplers



RSP’s product approval covers the full range of panel mounted plugs and receptacles which can be found within the ‘downloads’ section.  


RSP can integrate a plug coupler solution into any signalling or power design, specifying the correct coupler type and orientation to ensure touch potential safety.


RSP has a number of staff members who have been trained to WHMA-A-620 to ensure our coupler builds meet the highest of standards. Each coupler is individually tested to a NWR approved test plan.


The ‘plug and play’ innovation comes with many benefits. By reducing the time taken to install on site, fewer man hours are spent in this highly hazardous environment. Most importantly this reduces the risk of incident but also offers a substantial cost saving as the factory environment, where these man hours move to, offers a far more efficient and cheaper alternative.

For maintenance changeover or cable replacement, huge reduction in time and cost can be achieved.  


All products come with a standard 12 month warranty with an option to extend if required and a minimum 40 year life expectancy. RSP has an experienced team on hand to provide ongoing support pre, during and after sales.


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