Relocatable equipment buildings (REBS)

A complete solution for rail power and signalling equipment, the REB can be configured to hold a variety of both power and signalling equipment to suit the individual project application. RSP’s REBs are industry leading, high quality installations that comprise of the highest spec equipment throughout.

Relocatable equipment buildings (REBS)



RSP’s range of REBs is based on the NR standard ‘Type 1-9’ sizing and utilise BRSM440 racking to mount the internal equipment. Where possible the buildings domestic equipment is standardised to ensure continuity throughout a project.

As well as standard size buildings, RSP’s trusted, approved building supplier can provide bespoke sized enclosures to allow us to fit out with any arrangement of internal equipment, each meeting our high, exacting standards.


RSP employ a dedicated team of in house IRSE licensed designers who can offer a bespoke package of designs. From conceptual, principle designs through to AFC manufacturing wiring diagrams, RSP can undertake the product design for a wide range of projects utilising our wealth of knowledge gain through many years of industry experience.

Our design team will ensure both BR1615 D and any client issued specifications are adhered to throughout the design process, from initial building design and layout through to the placement and connection of each individual product housed within it.


With a minimum life expectancy of 35 years, each of our products come with the reassurance that an experienced technical team is on hand for support.


Our manufacturing and test staff have a wealth of experience in this field and hold IRSE licences appropriate to their role. This gives our clients peace of mind that we will deliver a high standard of workmanship and quality which is verified by our in house testing team, who carry out full 3c testing of each installation. Our standardised layout ‘first fit’ philosophy can lead to a shortened delivery program and cost savings.


RSP have been working with various customers to provide combination buildings that utilise the building to house both PSP and signalling equipment saving both time and space compare to the conventional method of having two separate enclosures.

RSP have also been involved in Modular ‘plug and play’ buildings that take the PSP/Signalling combination a step further by providing pre wired plug coupler receptacles in place of conventional cable terminations. This allows for signalling ‘islands’ to be pre tested, dropped in and rapidly connected, avoiding costly site works and removing personal from this hazardous working environment.



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