Case Study: E&P DNO Cubicles

The rural 'Wherry lines' between Norwich, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft, required modernisation due to the degradation of the existing Victorian-era signalling *assets. The area included nine mechanical signalling boxes and five manually controlled level crossings, which were expensive to operate and maintain.

Case Study: E&P DNO Cubicles


Network Rail aimed to install new digital signalling technology, controlled by a remote computer-based signalling system, with the intent of improving the safety and reliability of the railway, increasing operational flexibility and minimising whole-life costs.

To achieve this extensive modifcations needed to bemade to the existing infrastructure.


DESIGN New Distribution Network Operator (DNO) Level Crossing Lighting Cubicles

BUILD Source all the required materials and install the equipment within the DNOs

TEST Carry out the factory testing for the DNOs



• 17 Double-Sided 4-Door GRP DNO Cubicles
• NR, TOC & DNO compartments
• 3 types of cubicle widths
• 2 different door configurations
• 20% spare capacity for future design alterations

General Arrangement drawings including internal layouts, external layouts, base fixing details and label requirements. Detailed Schematic/ Wiring Diagrams As-Built Record Drawings.



Level Crossing Lighting & Platform Lighting Supply Distribution Boards

Domestic Distribution Boards with Type B & C MCBs & RCBOs

100A & 200A Busbar Chambers

Internal Equipment including:
• LED Lighting with light switches
• 13A Sockets
• Anti-Condensation Heaters
• Thermostats
• 8 & 14-Way Earth Busbars

Lighting Control Units with Photocells & Manual Override switches

Main Incomer & Main Isolator Switchgear

TVSS (Surge Protection)

400V Three-Phase & 230V Single-Phase Power Distribution



All the design, installation and test work was carried out at our specialised factory site.

RSP selected the GRP enclosure manufacturer and all internal equipment manufacturers/suppliers, in agreement with the client, taking into account the availability of items and delivery times.

RSP Installation Team fitted and wired the equipment within the DNOs.

RSP Test Team carried out the Factory Acceptance Tests, verifying that the equipment was built and operating in accordance with the design specifications and all relevant Network Rail & Railway Group Standards.



The DNO cubicles were completed to the agreed timescale and were successfully delivered to site, ready for Commissioning in Spring 2020. RSP takes pride in ensuring that all goods dispatched from our premises are:

Safe for use including for manual handling, electrical safety and functional purposes

Fit for Purpose to match the client requirements, the specified design and any relevant standards

Excellent Quality to meet the high standards prescribed by our Business Operating processes and the expectation of our clients


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